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User accounts

The administrator of a Komga server has the ability to create other User Accounts for that server.

You can manage Users in Server Settings > Users.

Users management

Creating Users

You can add a user by clicking on the + button.

Add User

A dialog will show up. Fill in all the required information, and press Add.

Add User Dialog

User Roles

Users can have different roles, giving them the ability to do certain things.


An administrator can perform all the management actions:

  • add, edit, and delete libraries
  • add, edit, and delete users
  • add, edit, and delete collections
  • edit series and book metadata
  • manually scan, analyze and refresh metadata

Page Streaming

A user with this role will be able to stream individual pages, for example to read using the Webreader.

File Download

A user with this role will be able to download the file of a book.

Shared Libraries

An administrator can limit what libraries users can access. This is done via the Edit Restrictions button.

Edit Restrictions

Choose the libraries the user will be able to access, or select All libraries for unrestricted access (default option).

Edit Shared Libraries

Content Restrictions

Content restrictions lets you control more finely the content you share. You can select specific age rating as well as content that you’ve set with a specific Label.

Content restriction is performed at series level, and will also apply to books, collections and reading lists.

Age Rating

Select which age rating you wish to only allow or exclude. For instance, if you choose to only allow content under 10 as the restriction, then only content that has an age rating of 10 or under will be shared . If you choose to exclude content over 16 then those will be hidden.

Age Restriction Allow under Age Restriction Exclude over


You can create arbitrary Labels when editing library content. When sharing, you can then choose to allow one or more Labels to have content matching those Labels shared. You can also exclude labels.

Labels are defined on Series:

Edit Shared Libraries

Multiple restrictions

When combining multiple restrictions, the following rules apply:

  • Exclusion rules have always priority over allow rules.
  • Allow rules apply with an OR condition: for example allowing a user to access content rated 10 or under, or labelled "kids", the user will be able to access content matching one or the other.
Edit Restrictions

Deleting Users


Deleting a user will remove all read progress for this user.

This cannot be undone.