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Server settings & management

The Server Settings > Server screen allows for more configuration of your server.

Server Settings

This section allows to configure some server-wide options.

Server Settings

Delete empty collections after scan

Indicate whether Komga should delete empty collections after a scan.

Delete empty read lists after scan

Indicate whether Komga should delete empty read lists after a scan.

Task threads

The number of threads dedicated to the processing of background tasks.

Remember Me duration

The duration (in days) of the remember-me cookie that will be saved in the browser, if the Remember Me checkbox is ticked upon login.

Regenerate the RememberMe key

The RememberMe feature works with a secret key. If you want to invalidate all the remember-me cookies that have been issued, you can regenerate the key.

Server Port

Port to listen to for the API and web interface.

This takes precedence over the server.port configuration key.

Base URL

Base URL, useful if you need to reverse proxy with a subfolder.

This takes precedence over the server.servlet.context-path configuration key.

Server Management

This sections allows some administrative actions for your server.

Server Management