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What are One-Shots?

One-Shots are series containing a single book.

However not all series containing a single book are One-Shots. Here are some example of single book series that are not One-Shots:

  • a series that has multiple books published, but only a single book is collected in Komga
  • a series that currently has only 1 book published, but will have more in the future

Historically Komga required each series to be in its own directory on disk. This was cumbersome for One-Shots, as each book needed to be placed in a dedicated directory.

With One-Shots handling, this is not necessary anymore.

One-Shots are still composed of a series with a single book, but are handled slightly differently.

One-Shots handling


You can enable One-Shots handling through Library options.


One-Shots are detected during the scan. Any directory for which the full path contains the configured One-Shots directory will generate One-Shot series instead of standard Series.

Given the following directory structure, with One-Shots directory configured to _oneshots:

├── Space Adventures
│   ├── Space_Adventures_001.cbz
│   ├── Space_Adventures_002.cbz
│   ├── Space_Adventures_003.cbz
│   └── _oneshots
│   └── Pluto Adventures.cbz
├── Super Duck
│   ├── Super_Duck_001.cbz
│   ├── Super_Duck_002.cbz
│   └── Super_Duck_003.cbz
└── _oneshots
├── A oneshot.cbz
├── Another oneshot.cbz
└── Yet another oneshot.cbz

This will result in:

  • 2 regular series:
    • Space Adventures
    • Super Duck
  • 4 One-Shots:
    • Pluto Adventures
    • A oneshot
    • Another oneshot
    • Yet another oneshot

One-Shots directory is checked against any part of the directory path:

  • _oneshots will match on:
    • /data/books/Comics/_oneshots
    • /data/books/Comics/My weirdly named _oneshots

To match only directories starting with the provided string, prefix One-Shots directory with /, like /_oneshots


While the book metadata will be processed as usual, the series metadata for One-Shots will be handled slightly differently:

  • the Mylar series.json is ignored
  • the local artwork is ignored. The one for the book is still processed as usual.
  • in addition, some metadata is set:
    • the series title and summary are set from the one of the book
    • the series status is set to Ended
    • the series total book count is set to 1


The Dashboard has specific handling for One-Shots:

  • One-Shots are displayed in a new view that shows both series and book metadata fields
  • when editing One-Shots metadata, a new dialog will allow to edit both book and series level metadata fields.
    • If you edit multiple items and all are One-Shots, this dialog is also used.
    • If there is a mix of One-Shots and normal items (series or books), the regular dialog will be used instead.s
  • One-Shots can be added to both collections and readlists
  • One-Shots will not show in the Recently Added Series or Recently Updated Series sections, but they will show in Recently Added Books.
  • Item card in Series views (when browsing libraries or collections):
    • will show an unread indicator in the top-right corner, instead of the number of unread books
    • will display One-shot at the bottom of the card instead of the number of books
  • Item card in Book views (when browsing readlists or recommended) will not display the Series name nor the book number
  • the Series filter panel has a One-shot filter
  • One-Shots will not show in the Series picker dialog when importing books
  • One-Shots will show only as books in the search bar and detailed search view


One-Shots are still composed of a Series with a single Book, however both have a new boolean attribute oneshot which can be used in client applications to handle One-Shots differently.