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Local Artwork Assets

Supported Artwork Image Formats

There are a number of supported custom media items that need to be named correctly to be detected. The supported image file formats are:

  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • png
  • webp
  • tbn

Poster Artwork

Posters are typically displayed for books, series and collections on dashboards, library views, and when looking at details for the element. Poster art is typically of 21:29.7 aspect ratio. Custom Poster artwork will be detected and used if named and stored as follows.


Custom poster must have the same name as the book file:

  • Exact book name.ext

ext is the file extension.

Book 10.cbz
Book 10.jpg

More than one poster image can be included. For multiple items to be scanned, they should be named as follows:

  • Exact book name-X.ext

Where -X is a number.

Book 12.cbz
Book 12-1.jpg
Book 12-2.png


Custom poster must be located in the Series directory and named as follows:

  • cover.ext
  • default.ext
  • folder.ext
  • series.ext
  • poster.ext

ext is the file extension.