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Command Line Interface

Komga offers a few commands available from the command line.

How to use?

You just need to append the command to the command line. Note that Komga will still start and run as usual.

With the jar file


java -jar komga-x.y.z.jar --list-users

With docker run


docker run --list-users

With docker-compose

You can override the command:

image: gotson/komga:latest
command: --newpassword=toto --[email protected]

Available commands

List users

Command: --list-users

This will output all the users configured in the database. The output will be shown in the console or the logs.


2023-08-02T13:41:45.215+08:00 INFO 1979 --- [ main] o.g.k.i.apprunner.ListUsersRunner : Here is a list of all users: [[email protected], [email protected]]

Reset password for a user

Command: [email protected] --newpassword=YourNewPassword

This will reset the password for the specified user.


2023-08-02T13:50:42.998+08:00 INFO 2806 --- [ main] o.g.k.i.apprunner.PasswordResetRunner : Reset password for user: [email protected]