# Install via third-party integrations


Those methods are not officially supported, if you encounter installation issues please contact the respective authors.

# Windows Installer and Updater

A Powershell script (opens new window) to get up and running with Komga.

# Scoop (Windows)

Komga is available in Scoop (opens new window)'s extras (opens new window) bucket.

# Installation

You need Scoop to use this installation method. Instruction to install Scoop can be found here (opens new window).

# 1. (Skip if JDK is installed) Install JDK

Run scoop bucket add java and then run scoop install java/temurin-lts-jdk.

# 2. Install Komga

Run scoop bucket add extras and then run scoop install komga.

# Manage

# Run

Run komga.

Note: Default config dir is %USERPROFILE%\scoop\apps\komga\current\config

# Update

Run scoop update komga.

# Uninstall

Run scoop uninstall komga

# AUR - Arch User Repository

Komga is available as an AUR (opens new window) package.

# Installation

It can be installed using yay -S komga (or any other AUR package manager).

# Run

Just run komga.


Komga is available as a QPKG (opens new window).

# FreeNAS

There is a tutorial (opens new window) to install Komga on FreeNAS jail.

# YunoHost

Install Komga with YunoHost (opens new window)


SCALE IS STILL IN BETA! There is a tutorial (opens new window) to install Truecharts on TrueNAS SCALE. Follow steps 1-4 to add TrueCharts to SCALE. In order to create komga you need to find it under the TrueCharts apps in SCALE. Scale needs access to ip range of: in order to deploy. Keep all defaults and change:

  1. Enter a name with lowercase letters.
  2. Change the update type to "Rolling Update:Create new pods and then kill old ones"
  3. Next
  4. You can change the node port to whatever you prefer, this is the port you will be accessing komga over.
  5. This is the Komga Data source, add what you need.
  6. Next
  7. Next
  8. Choose the container resources (I chose default), Next.
  9. I left this at disabled, Next.
  10. Install Komga and let it run. Once its installed click portal and you now have komga setup in SCALE.