# Read with Tachiyomi

# Install and configure

Komga has an official extension for Tachiyomi, available from within Tachiyomi's extension menu.

Once installed, the extension will let you configure up to 3 Komga servers.

Tachiyomi extension info Tachiyomi extension configuration

You will need to configure the extension with your server address, username and password before you can use it.


Example server address: http://my.server:8080(/baseUrl)

Note that there is no trailing slash (/).

# Browse

You can browse series, use the filter menu, and search for series.

Tachiyomi extension browse Tachiyomi extension filters Tachiyomi extension search

# Changelog and Compatibility

Each version of the Komga extension need a specific version of the Komga server to work properly. Check the CHANGELOG for more information.