# Read progress

Komga can track which books you have read, and books that you are currently reading. Reading progress is tracked for each user separately.

# Supported readers

# Webreader

The webreader can track the progress as you read:

  • when you open a book that is in progress, the webreader will resume reading where you left it.
  • when you finish reading a book, the webreader will mark it as read.

# Tachiyomi

Tachiyomi can track progress of read books, using the Komga tracker. See here for more details.

# CDisplayEx

CDisplayEx syncs read status and reading progress, See here.

# Unread and in progress indicators

The book card will display read progress indicators:

  • Unread books will display an orange tick in the top right corner:
Book card showing unread indicator
  • In progress books will display a progress bar at the bottom of the thumbnail:
Book card showing reading progress

In addition, the series card will display the number of unread books in the top right corner:

Series card showing unread count of books

# Marking progress manually

You can mark books or series as read or unread manually. Look for the action menu icon and click on Mark as read or Mark as unread.