# Read with any OPDS reader

Komga should work with any OPDS reader, unfortunately most readers badly implement the OPDS protocol 😞.

The URL should be configured as http(s)://your-server(:8080)(/baseUrl)/opds/v1.2/catalog.

Here is a list of reader applications that have been tested:

OS App name Status OpenSearch support Page streaming support
Android FBReader: Favorite Book Reader (opens new window) ❌ Can't download CBR/CBZ, only PDF. PDF only supported in Premium version. Does not remember password. No No
Android Moon+ Reader (opens new window) ✔️ No No
Android Librera (opens new window) ✔️ No No
Android PocketBook (opens new window) ❌ Doesn't show CBR/CBZ No No
iOS KyBook 3 (opens new window) ✔️ Yes No
iOS Chunky Comic Reader (opens new window) ✔️ No OPDS PSE 1.0
iOS Panels (opens new window) ✔️ Yes
OPDS PSE 1.0 (v2.8.0+)
OPDS PSE 1.1 (v2.9.7+)

The OPDS feed also supports: