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Run with the Jar file


You need Java version 17+ to run Komga. Check your version with java -version.

You can run Komga from the fat jar file. You can download them in the releases section.

In order to run Komga, use the following command (replace x.y.z with the actual version number):

java -jar komga-x.y.z.jar

Once Komga is started, you can access the web interface.


On Windows, use javaw instead of java to launch Komga without a command prompt window appearing.

Increase memory limit

By default the java process will be limited in the maximum amount of memory (RAM) it can use, usually 1gb. If you encounter some OutOfMemoryException in the logs you probably need to increase the maximum memory Komga can use.

To do so, you can use the -Xmx<limit> command line flag, where <limit> can be any amount like 2048m, 4g etc. For example to run Komga with a maximum of 4gb of memory:

java -jar -Xmx4g komga-x.y.z.jar


To update just stop Komga, then start it with the latest jar.