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Read with Tachiyomi

Install and configure

Komga has an official extension for Tachiyomi, available from within Tachiyomi's extension menu.

Once installed, the extension will let you configure up to 3 Komga servers.

Tachiyomi extension infoTachiyomi extension configuration

You will need to configure the extension with your server address, username and password before you can use it.


Example server address: http://my.server:25600(/baseUrl)

Note that there is no trailing slash (/).


You can browse series, use the filter menu, and search for series.

Tachiyomi extension browseTachiyomi extension filtersTachiyomi extension search

Track read progress

Tachiyomi starting from 0.12.1 can keep your read progress in sync with your Komga server. Check the official Tachiyomi website for instructions.


  • Tachiyomi 0.12.1+
  • Komga 0. 95.2+
  • Tachiyomi Komga extension 1.2.24+

Changelog and Compatibility

Each version of the Komga extension need a specific version of the Komga server to work properly. Check the CHANGELOG for more information.