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Komga offers a REST API, which you can browse using Swagger. It's available at /swagger-ui.html.

The OpenAPI specification is also available here.


Most endpoints require authentication. Authentication is done using Basic Authentication and can be set on any endpoint.


Upon successful authentication, a session is created, and can be reused.

  • By default, a SESSION cookie is set via Set-Cookie response header. This works well for browsers and clients that can handle cookies.
  • If you specify a header X-Auth-Token during authentication, the session ID will be returned via this same header. You can then pass that header again for subsequent requests to reuse the session.

If you need to set the session cookie later on, you can call /api/v1/login/set-cookie with X-Auth-Token. The response will contain the Set-Cookie header.

Remember Me

During authentication, if a request parameter remember-me is passed and set to true, the server will also return a remember-me cookie. This cookie will be used to login automatically even if the session has expired.


You can explicitely logout an existing session by calling /api/logout. This would return a 204.